Devi from never have I ever, age, name and ig


Devi from never have I ever

Devi Vishwakumar is a sixteen-year-old Indian American on the brink of high school graduation, who also happens to be an overachieving high school sophomore. With her short fuse, she finds herself in many tricky situations and always ends up in trouble. Her only friend is her other self — a version of herself which exists like a parallel universe. in this blog post you will get devi from never have I ever age, name, ig and many more


How old is devi from never have I ever?


she is 16 years old high school girl. sheis an outgoing, witty, and studious girl who frequently achieves academic success. Her innate charisma that attracts other people, and ability to comebacks are only two examples of her savage nature and unwavering loyalty to whom she cares about has shaped her into the person she is today.

Devi is a friendly, outgoing, and playful girl who loves making jokes and has an excellent ability to comebacks. She’s witty and she’s cute, but there’s more to her than that. A lot more.

how old is devi from never have i ever irl


Devi is an outgoing, witty, and studious girl. She’s shown to have an innate charisma that attracts other people, a talent for witty comebacks, a savage nature, and an unwavering sense of loyalty towards those she cares about.

she is loyal to the people she cares about and is someone who can be trusted by anyone she values honesty over anything else and dislikes lying or stealing. she enjoys school deeply and often finds herself excelling academically; despite her parents’ objections, she studied at home during summer vacations while they were away on a trip together!

Devi  is 18 years old in real life. She is very lively and warm hearted

how tall is devi from never have i ever


she is 5.6 tall and have compassionate chemistry with Paxton and ben.

Devi is a kind-hearted girl who doesn’t let anyone see her pain. She’s generally very upbeat and energetic, but she can also be quite hostile towards others due to the fact that they don’t realize how hard she’s been struggling

In fact, she will often tell people off by berating them or using her words that are far above their heads as a means of giving them a boost in confidence (which doesn’t always succeed). However, despite all her tends to be quite a competitive person as shown by how she threw a fit just because she scored one mark less than Ben.

This is because regardless of her intelligence and extroverted nature, she is still a flawed teenager. Consequently, she is prone to making actions that she comes to regret as her character develops throughout the series, which she often makes due to being conflicted with emotions.


devi from never have i ever real name


the devi has real name Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. She is very energetic throughout the seasons

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is known to have a bit of a temper, which tends to backfire on her, as noted by her friends and Paxton. It is highly suggested that Devi struggles with anger-management issues due to her unhealthy ways to handle shock or traumatic events. Devi’s unhealthy ways to handle emotions are more than often the main reason of the issues in her life.

devi from never have i ever zodiac sign


Maitreyi Ramakrishan is Virgo girl that’s why the specific Virgo character has also be shown in her personality. She has very wee rounded in her personality

Devi Vishwakumar is a teenage girl with an average build and brown eyes. Her usual hairstyle is straight, but she sometimes wears it in a loose ponytail.

she has black hair which she normally keeps in place by using bobby pins or using an elastic band to hold it back. She also wears minimal makeup and doesn’t bother with looking too dressed-up unless she’s going out on a special occasion.

Is devi from never have I ever has nose piercing?


she has pierced her nose but has never really shown it off for many different reasons. When attending gatherings, whether it be a family function or something along those lines, she generally wears jeans and t-shirts, often with sneakers on her feet because they allow her to run around more easily when needed.

Devi Vishwakumar boyfriend


She has a huge crush on the most popular guy Paxton Hall Yoshida. But the nerd guy ben the topper of their class has a crush on devi. So, it was a love triangle. Devi from never have I ever dated Paxton whole season but at the end of season she ended up with ben

devi and paxton never have i ever

Devi from never have I ever Instagram real id


Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (@maitreyiramakrishnan) • Instagram photos and videos


Last words


Devi Vishwakumar is the daughter of Nalini and Mohan. Devi idolized and loved her father, and the two were very close. He had a heart attack during one of her orchestra concerts and passed away when she was fifteen years old. She became paralyzed for three months due to the impact of the psychological and emotional trauma that she endured from her father’s sudden cardiac arrest.

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