Drama Serial Agar Cast / Story / Timing

Drama Serial Agar Cast / Story / Timing


The much-awaited drama serial is back! Hum TV has announced the launch of a brand-new show, Agar, that will air on their channel in just a month. We have compiled all about Drama Serial Agar Cast / Story / Timing that you would love to read. So let us begin.


Agar Drama Details Cast and Crew


Since Badshah Begum is ending, Attention to all drama lovers! Hum TV is gearing up to air Agar, a new classic produced in collaboration with Square To. The cast includes several fresh faces and stars Juggun Kazim back with a bang! This thriller looks deep, strong, and different. It promises the audience something new and unique, giving all of us something to look forward to.


Drama Agar details

Drama name Agar
Director Ilyas Kashmiri
Producer Momina Duraid
Writer Madiha Shahid
Release date  Oct25th Oct 2022
Timing Every Tuesday
Lead role Jugan Kazim and Junaid Khan
Channel name HUM tv


Agar Drama cast


However, its cast and crew have all been in talks regarding their roles, and it looks like things are going to plan with this latest drama serial. Agar will be based on a story by Madiha Shahid and will mark the return of Juggun Kazim after a long time.

Jugan Kazim appears on the screen after a long-ago casting opposite Junaid khan. While on the other hand, Hina Altaf is casting opposite to very talented Usman Khan. The other cast members are

Drama Agar cast

Drama Agar cast

  • Ahmed Randhawa
  • Behroze Sabzwari
  • Hina Khawaja Bayat
  • Hira Soomro
  • Ismat Zaidi
  • Maheen Siddiqui
  • Saqib Sumeer

Agar Drama Story Revealed


Lots of excitement has been following the storyline of the new drama serial, and we’re delighted to have a chance to talk about it with all of you.

The series is based on a unique love story. The couples have a significant age difference that affects their love, love. You’ll board an exciting and emotional rollercoaster ride at the start of the serial.

No doubt, the writer Madiha Shahid has put great efforts into highlighting the common myths about marriages between couples having age differences. If you recall, ‘Aik Thi Raniya’ and ‘Dilwaaz‘ this serial will be of similar taste.

The serial takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, showcasing different age gaps between couples who fall in love at first sight. The show’s concept is unique and exciting, making it worth watching for its viewers.

agar darma

Drama agar release date


It is going to release on  Oct25th Oct 2022

agar drama usman khan


Agar drama timing


The Drama serial agar will be on air every Tuesday at 8 pm on hum tv.

agar drama mahen

Pics of cast Drama Agar 

Juggan Kazmi


Junaid Khan


Hina Altaf


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Usman Khan


Behroz Sabzwari

Ahmad Randhawa


Hira somro


Hina Khwaja 


Maheen siddique


Ismat Zaidi


Saqib Sameer


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teaser of Drama Agar

Agar – Teaser – Juggan Kazim – Starting From 25th October – Tuesday At 08Pm Only On HUM TV – YouTube

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