Film Joyland Controversies, Story and Reason to Banned

Film Joyland Controversies, Story and Reason to Banned


Why is Pakistan’s Govt. removing the “Joyland” film from theatres? The movie “Joyland” is a work of art. Its creators did not just create a story; they created a new way of seeing and knowing people that challenge the pillars of patriarchy, misogyny and homophobia. Here are all your answers on Film Joyland, Controversies, Story and Reason to Banned

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Censor boards remarks on Film Joyland production


What did the censor board say? The film repeatedly features a transgender person in explicit sexual acts and also contains “highly objectionable material.” The movie has been banned in Pakistan due to religious groups’ concerns over its homosexuality and sex scenes. The movie tells the story of a young married man from a middle class family who joins an erotic dance theatre and falls in love with a transgender performer.


Pakistan’s prime minister remarks on film Joyland


Pakistan’s prime minister has ordered a review of the ban on the country’s Oscars entry. The ban on releasing Pakistani movie Joyland has been lifted by the Pakistan Motion Pictures Producers Association (PMPA), but the ban on showing it in all cinemas is still in place, according to reports from local media and bloggers.


Public response on film Joyland


Critics are slamming a Pakistani film’s Oscar submission as “homophobic” and “a misrepresentation of the country” that is “embarrassing to Pakistan.”

The film had been given the green light by Pakistan’s censor board, but it was withdrawn after a campaign began against it, led by powerful Islamic hardliners and religious right-wing parties, including Pakistan’s biggest Islamic group Jamaat-e-Islami.


Akbar Sajjad point of view on storyline of film Joyland


Film critic Akbar Sajjad said the movie’s theme ‘contradicts Islamic teachings of peace and tolerance’ and will bring “bad name to Pakistanis who religiously follow their faith as it is being propagated in this film.

The country’s ministry of information and broadcasting over the weekend gave an order that Joyland could not be screened in cinemas. This decision has now been given to Pakistan’s censor board, which will decide whether or not to show approval for the film.


Story behind the controversies on film Joyland


The move comes after a number of people complained about the film being offensive and portraying homosexuality as something shameful and wrong. The complaints were made by the Pakistan Council of Islamic Ideology (PCI) – a religious body that has previously opposed homosexuality, even banning it from being discussed in universities.


The Pakistani government has previously attempted to block gay content from being shown. In 2008, an anti-gay film called “Innocence of Muslims” was banned by the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI), who cited national security concerns. That same year, another film entitled “Love Jihad” was also banned due to claims that it promoted homosexuality.


Film cast reviews on banning film Joyland


Sarwat Gilani reviews


Sarwat Gilani, an actor in the film, spoke out against what she alleged was a paid smear campaign by “some malicious people who have not even seen the film”.


“Shameful that a Pakistani film made by 200 Pakistanis over six years, that got standing ovations from Toronto to Cairo to Cannes, is being hindered in its own country,” said Gilani. “Don’t take away this moment of pride and joy from our people.”


Sadiq tweeting


“It’s a very important film for us,” said Sadiq. “The timing is right for it to be released in Pakistan. The audience for the film has been there for quite some time now. It’s just a matter of getting it out there and making sure it gets the recognition it deserves.”


In his interview with Variety, Sadiq said he hoped the film would offer a fresh, non-western perspective on trans issues. “This film does introduce a new leaf in terms of the conversation around that, because it’s just refreshing to see a very empowered trans character who happens to be brown and Muslim and in a country like Pakistan,” he said. “It doesn’t always show that on screen — which is why I think we have such an opportunity here.”


Saim Sadiq remarks on banning film Joyland


The Pakistani producer Saim Sadiq called the ban “senseless”. “Pakistan is teeming with artists, filmmakers, writers and has a cultural richness and more importantly bravery that the world admires,” Saim said in a tweet. “A smart state would celebrate and promote this, not silence and threaten it.”


film joyland


The film has been banned because it shows a negative image of Muslims and Islam, according to reports from local media outlets.


Controversies made by censor committee member


The committee member said that there had been concerns about the movie because of its language as well as its depiction of transgender people in society.


  • “The movie contained a lot of foul language. Therefore, some cuts and edits were suggested to the filmmakers. The review committee has given an adult rating to the film,” said Sufi, who heads the prime minister’s strategic reforms unit.




The Pakistan Film Producers Guild (PFPG), which is responsible for certifying films, said it had given a film rating based on “the content and subject matter of the film”.




  • “We have checked on the language used in this movie and we found nothing objectionable. We have also sent it for a certification from our ethics committee but this has not yet been received,” said committee member Fayyaz Hashmi.


Al- Jazeera film reviews


Pakistani cinema is known for its strong social criticism, but Al Jazeera’s film review committee rejected the movie because it contains offensive language and depicts transgender people in a poor light.

In a statement on Tuesday, the committee said it had reviewed the film and decided to give it an adult rating.

It added that the review committee had “concerns about the content of the movie as well as its depiction of transgender people in society”.

film joyland

The censor board uplift the banned from film Joyland


The committee said: “The review committee considered all relevant aspects including content, language and depiction of transgender people in society before deciding on what is suitable for distribution and public consumption.”

The committee member added that, taking into account Pakistani culture and societal norms, there was room for improvement in the movie. She said that while some scenes were funny and relatable, they could have been executed better.

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