how to clean the dryer vent outside on the roof

How to clean the dryer vent outside on the roof

Do you know how to clean the dryer vent outside on the roof? What are the top 3 causes of fire in the laundry room?

Do you know According to the U.S. Fire Administration:

about 3,000 home dryer fires get reported yearly. Neglecting to clean dryers and dryer vents to keep them free of lint is the leading cause of dryer fires.1

 So we decided to protect you from the hazards of fire caused by a clean dryer. Read the complete article to learn how to clean the dryer vent outside on the roof—complete DIY ideas and prevention.

how to clean dryer vent from outside

Is dryer vent cleaning essential?

Cleaning your dryer vent isn’t something anyone enjoys, but you should do it regularly. It can help prevent fires and other potential dangers to your home. Let’s look at the signs that your dryer needs maintenance and then show you how to clean it from the roof with various tools or methods.

The factor that causes the dryer vent to be clogged

Drying clothes is essential for every family. When drying your clothes, it is vital to check the lint filter and clean it out. This will ensure that there will be no blockages anywhere in the house and that your dryer will work properly. It also helps you save electricity because this is one way of reducing your costs when it comes to your utility bills.

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Why is cleaning lint necessary?


You may want to take more than just your clothes to hand-wash when dealing with lint. When you clean your clothes dryer vent, you will find other things like paper and others. If this happens and those things get stuck in the lint filter, it could lead to a fire hazard in your home. So make sure you clean the vent and filter out all the debris that may be there before subsequent use!

If you don’t clean up your lint filter, it can lead to a fire hazard in your home. This is because the lint that accumulates in the ductwork can easily catch on fire or ignite an area of the house where it shouldn’t be. This can set off an explosion and cause extensive damage to your home.

Tools that are needed for cleaning the dryer vent outside on the roof

You need:

  • WD-40 or any other slouution
  • Long-handled vent brush
  • Scrub brush
  • Basket
  • Dishwasher
  • Screwdriver
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning wipes

cleaning kit

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Signs that indicate that its time to clean the dryer vent


These signs indicate that you need to clean the dryer for smooth usage or protection.

  • Take more time than usual
  • Burning smell
  • Emit more heat
  • Lightening


Take more time than usual.


For this factor, you have to monitor the timing of the dryer. If it takes more time than usual, then some risk factors certainly cause the delay in working. If it remains unchecked, this will cause an extra burden on your bills and eventually damage the dryer completely.


Burning smell


If you feel a burning smell whenever you use the dryer, it is a sign of some lint clogged in the dryer that irritates the smooth working of the dryer. It is an alarming sign of fire braek in.


Emit more heat


If your dryer becomes hot and emits hot air, then its time o clean the vent thoroughly as it is due to clogged,




There are some warning lights displayed on every machine. On the dryer, if you find any warning lights, never be late to clean the vent or get it repaired by an electrician.


How often do we clean the dryer vent outside on the roof?


Your dryer must be cleaned after a year as it is complicated to clean them regularly. So once a year is suitable for its complete and thorough cleaning.

How to clean dryer vent outside on roof: DIY ideas

Cleaning our dryer vent to the roof can be a huge hassle. Many homeowners think it’s easy to do, but it isn’t.

Dryer vents are a common cause of fires in the home. However, there are a few ways to help prevent such a fire.

When it comes to keeping the vents clean, there are two options:

  1. getting a professional
  2. doing it yourself.

Both are great ways to keep your home safe. Keep reading if you want to know how to clean dryer vents the easiest way possible!

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A step-by-step guide to cleaning dryer vent outside on the roof


There are several ways to clean out the dryer vent, including using a:

  1. hand-held brush
  2. a brush that attaches to a drill.

Either way, you will need to use a significant amount of force. The brush will need to get through the vent, and if you have the right tools, you should be able to do so successfully.


Keeping the dryer vent clean is important to ensure you get the best performance out of your clothes dryer. If you are unsure how to clean your dryer vent, this step-by-step guide on how to clean the dryer vent on the roof will help you. Of course, some of you might have the luxury of cleaning the dryer vent without going onto the roof.

Step 1 disconnect the power supply.


Before you begin, you should disconnect the dryer and remove the flex vent connected to the dryer and wall. Inspect the flex vent for dirt and blockages, and clean or clear it as needed. Ensure the flex vent is not bent, as this could block airflow.


Step 2 clean the wall inside.


Let’s clean the wall from the inside and move it to the roof. The best way to clean the wall from the inside is by using a dryer cleaning tool. It has a wire or rubber brush at the end that will perform the job you expect, and it is an easy-to-handle tool. You should be able to move up through the vent to remove the dirt and lint. Stop the process when you hit the roof of your flue. Be gentle while you clean with the dryer cleaning tool, as you don’t want to damage the cover of the vent.


Step 3 Clean the lint.


If your dryer vent is on the roof, you can clean it from inside the house by letting the lint fall down and then collecting and throwing it away. Always repeat the process of cleaning the vent with a dryer cleaning tool after you remove all the lint to make sure there is no more.


Step 4 cleaning the vent dryer outside on the roof


The fourth step of cleaning your dryer vent from the outside is just as important as any others. You might find it challenging to get up to your roof, but it is a necessary task to keep your dryer vent clear of debris and lint. If there is already a build-up of these items, it will block the airflow no matter how much you clean from the inside.

You will experience the same problems again very quickly if you also don’t clean the vent from the outside. Reaching the top of your roof can be dangerous; please ask for professional help instead of risking your life.

Step 5 reconnect


After reconnecting the dryer and flex vent, check the airflow to ensure it is normal. The symptoms, as mentioned earlier, should be resolved.

It’s never been more important to maintain your dryer vent. It can be hazardous if something goes wrong with your dryer vent. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with your maintenance.

Seeking the professionals


If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the dryer vent through the roof piping, it’s best to call a professional.

Secondly, calling a professional is your best bet to avoid any slip and fall hazards if you have a tile or slate roof.

How to clean vent by profession



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