Imran khan: attempt of assassination in long March

Imran khan: attempt of assassination in long March


Imran khan: attempt of assassination in long March


Former Pakistan cricket captain and prime minister Imran Khan have been injured in a shooting near Islamabad. Mr. Imran Khan, leading a protest march to the capital, was riding aboard a container-mounted truck when unidentified shooters opened fire on Thursday (November 3). Shots were fired at the container-mounted truck carrying Mr. Imran Khan in Punjab province, according to local media.

imran khan condition right now

Bullet hit the leg of Imran khan.


The News came across that former PM Imran khan got hit by a bullet in his leg. It is confirmed that it is the attack on the murder of former PM Imran khan. But after his first aid and hospital admission, it is mentioned that Imran khan is out of danger after the bullet hit in long March wazirabad.

imran khan attack in azadi march

Long March: Imran khan Azadi march


Imran khan began his long March on October 28, 2022, and will end on November 11 in Islamabad. The reason behind the long March was to demand a snaps election by the government of Pakistan.

He started the rally from the liberty chowk Lahore and is expected to end at the national assembly in Islamabad. While on his way to Islamabad, at wazirabad, he got hit by a bullet in his lee, fortunately, there s no sign of a severe issue, and he was completely alright. Some fellows also got injured after the hustle and bustle of the rally, but they succeeded in securing Imran khan.

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Treatment of Imran khan after the murder attempt


Mr. Imran Khan led a protest march to Islamabad to demand snap elections when shots were fired at his container-mounted truck later in the morning


His security team and some close members of his party took him to Lahore for further treatment in a car. The gunman was arrested at the moment, and he did not tell the name of the real culprit. An ordinary citizen who tried to protect Imran khan went viral on the internet.

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Pics from the Long March


Some footage was released from the long March after the attempt of murder. It was seen that a shot seriously injured his leg, and he was taken to hospital by the security team.

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Prime minister Shahbaz sharif at the incident


Prime minister Shahbaz sharif ordered the committee to take action and start the investigation f this attempt.

Different political parties and some members of his parties are coming forward to act against this assignation attempt. They are putting all the guilt on the opposite party and the government that is trying to stop his long march.


Shahbaz sharif also came forward and tweeted in condemnation of this incident and stated that he would undoubtedly act against this incident and not allow anyone to create such an environment in the country. He also gives best wishes to Imran khan and prays for his health.

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PM action against murder attempt


He also mentioned increasing the security for the long March for the complete safety of other citizens and Imran khan. He ordered the Panjab police authority to increase the number of grads with the rally.


Rana Sanaullah tweeted against today’s incident.


After that, Rana Sanaullah, the chief secretary and IGP Panjab, also came forward and condemned the incident of the attack on Imran khan. He further mentioned that they are asking for reports on this incident, and the culprit would get what he owns.


Further reports for the long March by Imran khan


Imran Khan, former PM of Pakistan and leading opposition figure from the country, was shot in his shoulder while addressing a crowd.

The News reported that the protest march would continue until the election date was announced. Earlier, the plan was to reach Islamabad by November 4. It was later revised to November 8 – 9 before being adjusted to November 11.

PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry then announced that his party would keep changing the date to tire out the government, but there is still no word from them about when their protest will end or what will happen next if things get ugly.

But the report sating that he is entirely out of danger and improving his health status.

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Tweeter trends on today’s incident


The whole nation is praying for her, and tweeter is going crazy about the hashtag

#Enough is enough, and #imran-khan-hmari-red-line-hai


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