Legend of Maula Jatt Pakistani Movie box office collection


Legend of Maula Jatt Pakistani  Movie box office collection


Maula Jatt is an upcoming Pakistani romantic comedy film directed by Bilal Lashari, and produced under the production of Mohammad Amjad, Samina Peerzada and Rashid Peerzada. The film will be a gandasa film which was a missed opportunity for Pakistani cinema and what better choice to utilize it then by paying homage to the cult classic ‘Maula Jatt’. Here we come with Legend of Maula Jatt Pakistani Movie box office collection


Story of Legend of Maula Jatt Movie


With the popularity of Pakistani cinema expanding beyond its audience, some of the films have turned out to be a huge success. After all, people like Bollywood and Hollywood movies when they are released in Pakistan.

Then why not make them feel a bit more unique by giving them their own flavour?

Maula Jatt is one such film that will surely change your taste buds with its unique flavour.

Maula Jatt is the story of a boy who has to grow up fast and face many obstacles in his life. He goes through many experiences and learns a lot of lessons.

cast of maula jatt

Climax of Story


A rivalry between two gangs, Noori Natt and Maula Jatt, is a part of Punjabi folklore. The legend goes that Maula Jatt was a man who stole a princess from her rightful place and brought her to his gang. The gang she came with, Noori Natt, was not pleased and went to war.

What happens next is an ancient tale of betrayal, murder, and revenge that continues to live on through the generations. The legendary rivalry between two of the strongest and most notorious gangs in the city has been depicted in many movies and plays but rarely have they been portrayed like this before.


Legend of Maula Jatt Pakistani  Movie box office collection


On 14 December 2020 in an interview with The Express Tribune, Bilal Lashari announced that he will be directing Maula Jatt and said:


“This will be my take on gandasa films which are blamed for the death of Lollywood. I think the gandasa genre was a missed opportunity for Pakistani cinema,  and what better choice to utilize it then by paying homage to the cult classic Maula Jatt.”


Pakistani Movie Legend of Maula Jatt Information

Name of movie Legend od maula Jatt
Release date 14th October
Box office collection 4.9 crore
Director Bilal Lashari
Producer Ammara Hikmet

Dr. Asad Jameel khan

Country Pakistan
Language Punjabi
Writer Nasir adeeb

Bilal Lashari



Cast of Legend of Maula Jatt Pakistani  Movie 


How well do you know Pakistani cinema?

Do you know which movies have broken box office records?

Do you know which actors are most popular right now?

If you’re a fan, you need to stay on top of these things.

Here are the top Pakistani actors right now, according to their box office returns.

Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Humaima Malick all made comebacks in the same movie that was bringing back the popular Humsafar duo of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt

Other cast members of Movie Legend of Maula Jatt

  • Hamza Ali Abbasias Noori Natt
  • Mahira Khanas Mukhoo Jattni
  • Humaima Malikas Daaro Nattni
  • Gohar Rasheedas Maakha Natt
  • Shafqat Cheemaas Jeeva Natt
  • Saima Baloch as Rajjo
  • Shamoon Abbasi
  • Babar Alias Sardar Jatt (Maula’s father)
  • Nayyer Ejaz
  • Ali Azmatas Gogi
  • Faris Shafi as Mooda
  • Reshamas Maula’s Mother


Success of Movie Legend of Maula Jatt


The Legend of Maula Jatt is the best Pakistani release in ages, and the biggest movie of the year. It is a huge success, and it has the potential to be even bigger.

With a first-day domestic and international gross of about 10 crores, the movie has the potential to shatter every record in Pakistani cinema. The Legend of Maula Jatt earned 4.4 crores locally and 4.9 crores internationally in just one day

The movie reportedly had the highest budget of any Pakistani movie ever, and people were speculating on how well it would do at the box office.

The Legend of Maula Jatt has performed spectacularly on a Thursday, a working day, despite the fact that it released on working day it made a huge success

some pics from set of Maula Jatt

maula jatt - hamza ali abbasi        legend of maula jatt mahira khan and fawad khan

legend of maula jatt fawad khan and hamza ali abbasi

bts of maula jatt

Review on legend of maula jatt by Sama Tv

review on maula jatt

Last words


It’s been a while since Bollywood movies have been this funny and this realistic. If you haven’t already, you need to watch Maula Jatt. Here’s why.

We have made a detailed synopses of the movie. I hope you like all about Legend of Maula Jatt Pakistani Movie box office collection. Do share your experience with us and write reviews after watching movie. We would love to hear your reviews.

Best wishes!!!

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