Sana Nadir Shah Biography / Dramas / family

Sana Nadir Shah Biography / Dramas / family


Have you ever heard of the Pakistani actress, Sana Nadir Shah? Here is all about Sana nadir shah Biography / Dramas / family, and other interesting facts you would love to know.

She is one of the finest Pakistani actresses who has done many challenging roles in her long career. She started her acting career in the year 2021

Intrersting facts about sana nadir shah

Sana nadir shah’s biography


Sana Nadir is a charming actress and model popularly known as one of the top actresses in Pakistan. She has done many well-known dramas such as “Jugnu” and “Badnaseeb” so far, gaining popularity from every corner of the world. Sana has a very impressive fan following on social media, and this article will provide you with all the facts about Sana Nadir’s life, biography, and best drama list. So please keep reading to know more about her age and much more!


Interesting facts about Sana nadir shah


Meet Sana Nadir, Pakistan’s next favorite actress. Each of her moves is nearly guaranteed to make waves across the nation. ]

Sana Nadir is a Pakistani actress, model, and TV presenter. Sana Nadir is a very talented and poised actress with a bright future in showbiz. As an actor, Sana Nadir is not a stranger to fame. Her fan base on social media is enormous, and she has been in the business for many years.

She is the daughter of film and television actress Farah Nazir. Her first appearance was in Pakistan’s famous drama serial “Jugnu” in 2020.

Here’s our list of 10 facts about Sana Nadir Shah that will surprise you, including her age, drama serial list, and many other facts about her career.



Sana nadir’s personal information


Welcome to the world of Sana Nadir Shah

Sana Nadir Shah is a new young actress in Pakistan who got the chance to show her talent in 2021. She was born in Karachi and raised there by her family. Her parents are famous personalities in Pakistan who always supported her career choice and lent their ear to all her endeavors.

Name Sana nadir shah
Age 26 years
Date of birth 11 Feb 1996
Profession Actress-model
Husband name Single
Nationality Pakistani
Education Graduation
Debuted drama June


Sana nadir shah family


She belongs to a very well-supported family. Her younger brother and mother are also in the showbiz industry. Her mother’s name is Farah nadir, and her brother is agha Ali shah.


Sana nadir shah’s education


She graduated from the University of Karachi.


Sana nadir age


She is 26 years old actress. Her date of birth is 26 Feb 1996. In a noticeably short span, she got recognition in the field of modeling and acting


Sana nadir shah’s height and weight


She is 5’5” tall, and her weight is around about 51 kg.


Sana nadir husband


She is single and not married yet.


Sana nadir mother


Sana nadir shah mother name is Farah nadir. She is a very well-known and famous actress in the Pakistani industry. Farah and Sana also shared the screen in one of their favorite TV dramas, badnaseeb. Farah started her career in acting in 1990. She gave many heartwarming shots on the net.


Sana nadir showbiz entry


She made her acting debut from the drama Jugnu, which aired on Express TV. In which she plays the lead role along with actor Shiraz Khan Ghazali. At the same time, Sana is one of the members of the drama Badnaseeb cast , which is aired on Hum Tv.


Drama list of Sana nadir shah

  • Badnaseeb
  • Jugnu
  • Antul hayati

In addition, she is also considered one of the hottest and most talented actors in Pakistan. Thanks to her remarkable performance in different dramas over the years, she has become the best-selling actress in Pakistan.

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Intrersting facts about sana nadir shah

Intrersting facts about sana nadir shah

Intrersting facts about sana nadir shah

social media account of Sana Nadir Shah

Sana Nadir Shah (@sana_nadir) • Instagram photos and videos



Sana nadir shah is a prominent actress who has received enormous praise for her acting abilities. Her acting talents are highlighted on both national and international projects. Here is all about Sana nadir shah’s biography / dramas / family, and other details. Suppose you have something to add on. Do let us know in the comments below.

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