Telenor call packages

 Telenor call packages



Telenor is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies worldwide. It has extensive broadband and TV distribution operations in four Nordic countries and a 10-year-old research and business line for machine-to-machine technology. Telenor call packages are in demand not only in Pakistan but also internationally due to its international streaming.

Telenor offers customers innovative call bundle packages, which include everything they need, including internet and television, plus mobile telephony. It provides Fixed-Line products in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

It is expanding internationally with voice and data services in several countries across the Asia Pacific region through Telenor Mobile Network Pte Ltd (Formerly known as Loop Telecom). Telenor also has a growing portfolio of Mobile Broadband services in Southeast Asia.

This article is your best bet if you’re looking for a quality Telenor call packages. Telenor offers variety of bundles such as, Telenor monthly call package, Telenor daily call packages, Telenor weekly call packages etc.

Daily Telenor call packages


As you will never run out of data or need to load up your phone with any extra features, there is no point in buying a big high-end phone when you can get a decent one for between 100 – 200 rupees.

When it comes to cheap phone calls and calling rates, many mobile companies do not follow the tricks of others. Every telco offers its package, which is only pricey than those existing packages in the Pakistan market.

Telenor call packages are economical and pocket friendly


Package name price offer mechanics
Telenor Good Time Offer Rs 7 + tax
  • Unlimited on-net calls for 2 hours, and 250 MB Internet for Facebook
Telenor Full Day Offer Rs 18 + tax
  • Unlimited On-net calls 50 MBs + 100 MBs WhatsApp
Dial *5*250#
Telenor Superload Offer Rs 13 + tax
  • Unlimited On-net calls
  • 50 MBs + 100 MBs WhatsApp
Dial *5*250#


Weekly Telenor call packages

You no longer need to choose between a good value and great features with Telenor Prepaid Cell Phone Plans.

Telenor  Call packages are quality line up  as you can choose from a range of bundles to suit your needs. The prices of these call packs are very reasonable, and there are no extra charges on top. The service is available in MSL format, and the customer receives unlimited SMS and Free 1GB of the Internet on the Reliance network at no additional cost.




Package name price offer mechanics
Mega Weekly Easy Card Rs 233 + tax ·       200o on net min

·       70 off-net min

·       2000 SMS

·       10 GB data

Weekly Easy Card Rs 135 + tax ·       1000 on net min

·       50 off-net min

·       100o SMS

·       1.5 GB data

Dial *963#
Haftawar Sahulat Offer Rs 120 + tax ·       1000 on net min

·       70 off-net min

·       100 MBs along with 350 social pack internets



Monthly call packages


Telenor has come up with an efficient plan for the customers this year. It offers several packages to provide a complete bundle of services every month, and customers can choose from TRY options.

Telenor monthly call packages offers you the best selling and affordable packages that keep you burden less the whole month. It comes with in many varieties including SMS, internet bundles and call offers.

Package name price offer Mechanics
Telenor Easy Card 500 Rs 410 + tax ·       3000 MBs

·       500 on net min

·       50 off-net min

·       500 SMS

Dial *350#
Monthly Easy Card 650 Rs 540 + tax ·       3000 on net min

·       150 off-net

·       3000 SMS

·       6 GB data

Dial *530#
Monthly Easy Card 850 Rs 720 + tax ·       5000 on net min

·       300 off-net

·       5000 SMS

·       9 GB internet

Dial *80#
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package  Rs 418 + tax ·       3000 on net min

·       3000 SMS

·       300 MBs



Telenor postpaid packages


Telenor offers its customer exclusive postpaid packages too

What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid?

The differences between prepaid and postpaid mobile phone plans are superficial but can be confusing. While the terms vary in different countries, there are two options: prepaid or postpaid.

Prepaid and postpaid mobile phone plans have the same essential differences. First, prepaid mobile phone plans are bill-free, while postpaid plans have a monthly schedule. The second significant difference is that prepaid plans have no contract and can be canceled anytime by the customer, while postpaid plans come with a contract period.

Package name Price offer mechanics validity
Any Network Voice Bundle 100 Rs 137+ tax 100 min off-net Dial *345*821# 30 days
SMART 3000 Rs 4200 + tax ·       3600 SMS

·       3000 + 4000 MBs

·       Offset infinity min

Via ‘My Telenor App’ 30 days
SMART 1500 Rs. 2150+ tax ·       1800 SMS

·       1500 + 2000 MBs

·       Infinity off-net min

Via ‘My Telenor App’ 30 days
SMART 1000 Rs. 1450+ tax ·       1200 SMS

·       1000 + 1500 MBs

·       Infinity off-net min

Via ‘My Telenor App’ 30 days
SMART 600 Rs. 850 ·       700 free SMS

·       100 + 1000 MBs

·       Infinity off-net min

Via ‘My Telenor App’ 30 days



Telenor terms and conditions

  • Telenor got all the reserved to change the packages and price at any time
  • Telenor can end up with any package at any time
  • The offer subscription code can be changing any time
  • If you subscribe to any package, 12.5 + tax charged
  • If you change any package, 12.5 + tax charged
  • All the packages above mention include tax
  • Telenor adds the previous SMS, mibs, and MBs when you subscribe to the new package.

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Frequently asked the question about Telenor packages

  1. What is Telenor call package code

Ans: you can check it on Telenor call packages

  1. What is Telenor network

Ans: Telenor is a mobile telephone operator in Scandinavia and an internet service provider (ISP) in other parts of the world. Telenor offers mobile telephony services, wireless broadband Internet access, television broadcast, and digital multimedia entertainment.

  1. How can I convert my network to Telenor?

Ans: you can easily convert any number to Telenor by following simple and easy steps.

Step 1: send MNP to 667

Step2: you will receive a massage. Forward that message to 76345

Step 3: Visit any nearby Telenor franchise to collect your sim card

  1. What is the slogan of Telenor?

Ans: Connecting you to what matters most.





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