Telenor WhatsApp Packages

 Telenor WhatsApp packages



The meaning of Telenor is “Everywhere You Need Us”. The purpose of Telenor WhatsApp Packages  is to provide world-class, modern telecom services for people in all parts of the world, providing choices and opportunities for everyone – regardless of geography or socioeconomic status.

By connecting  customers to what matters most, they empower individuals and communities with opportunities to make their lives more meaningful, relevant, and productive.

Telenor Group is a leading telecommunications company across the Nordics and Asia. Together with thier subsidiaries, they operate in 55 countries on four continents.

They  are committed to responsible business conduct, driven by the ambition of empowering societies, and are proud of their tradition in innovation, education, research, and community involvement.

Connectivity has been their domain for more than 165 years; their  purpose is to connect us all to what matters most.

Top 5 WhatsApp internet packages

Telenor daily WhatsApp package

Are you tired of paying for WhatsApp bundles? Telenor is one of the top telecom providers in Pakistan that offers packages for every category of user. It provides unlimited internet, best calling features, and many other fine features for its users. With Telenor, you can call and text anywhere in the world and use the WhatsApp app. This article lists some of the best Telenor WhatsApp packages which are specially designed for different types of users.

Package name price Offer Mechanics
Telenor full-day offer Rs 13 + tax 100 MBs WhatsApp + 50 MBs internet *5*250#
Telenor daily social pack Rs 1.5 + tax 50 MBs *311*#


Telenor weekly WhatsApp package

To get the Telenor free Whatsapp package for 7 days / 1 week, use the activation code below. You’ll also find the charges, required balance, and other details for the Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Package in the table below. This package isn’t just for WhatsApp, it offers a lot more for Rs. 115 and we recommend getting this if you want mobile data, WhatsApp along with other perks for a whole week.

Package name price offer mechanics
Telenor haft war sahulat offer Rs 115 + tax 350 MBs for WhatsApp +100 MBs for social *5*7#


Telenor monthly WhatsApp package

Telenor provides a good WhatsApp package by offering subscribers basic voice, video, and text messaging services with all the most current features at no extra cost.

Package name price offer mechanics
Telenor monthly WhatsApp package Rs 5 + tax 1500 MBAs for monthly WhatsApp *247#
Telenor Whatsapp and Monthly Social Pack Rs 44.5+ tax Facebook & WhatsApp 3000 MBs 10,000 SMS *999#


Final words

If you’re a Prepaid customer, then Telenor WhatsApp Packages are best option

However, if you want to take advantage of all the benefits that come with a postpaid plan, commit to a yearly subscription.

You’ll get unlimited data, free voice calls, and more without paying extra for them! You can subscribe as many times as you want within the validity period.

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Telenor codes

  • To Check Balance: *444#
  • Check MBB: *999#
  • Check Remaining SMS: *111#
  • For Remaining Minutes: *222#
  • Check SIM Number: Send “A” to 7421
  • Free Facebook: *5*325#
  • Free SIM Lagao Offer: *2222# or call 2222
  • Telenor Advance Balance: *0#
  • Telenor Balance Share Code: *1*1* Mobile Number * Amount #.

Telenor terms and conditions

  • Telenor got all the reserved to change the packages and price any time
  • Telenor can end up any package any time
  • The offer subscription code can be changing any time
  • If you subscribe to any package 12.5 + tax charged
  • If you change any package 12.5 + tax charged
  • All the packages above mention include tax
  • Telenor adds the previous SMS, mibs, and MBs when you subscribe to new package


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