“Tich Button”: film cast / full story / release date

“Tich Button”: film cast / full story / release date



You may have forgotten about Tich Button, but we haven’t. The much-awaited movie Tich button is set to release this month. We are here again with all about “Tich Button”: film cast / full story / release date, and many more details. The teaser trailer released two years ago taught us more about this upcoming film, which promises more than what we saw in the teaser.


Film “ Tich Button “ Release date


With Halloween just around the corner, the producers of “Tich Button” decided to release it on October 28th. Still, with an unconventional non-holiday release date like there had been with all of the other movies they have released.

The reasoning was that they were confident in the movie’s plot, and its reception after its teaser generated a lot of buzz among the people. Thus they wanted to get it out without people being distracted by other holidays or their usual standard release dates.

The chatter suggested that “Tich Button” would be released on October 28th, 2022. The mere mention of the said date created a buzz online and among the public. But it got delayed due to some reasons.


The complete story of the film ” Tich Button.”


If you’re a fan of rom-coms, then you’ve probably seen the recent teasers for this movie. When I saw it, I didn’t “get” it and was confused about how Farhan Saeed was involved in a love triangle with Iman Aly and Sonya Hussyn. But as I started watching the film, I realized that an important role needed attention (at least from me).

In the teaser of Sonya & Farhan, we see a love triangle breaking apart due to the harsh realities of Pakistan. In the first half, we see Farhan Saeed and Sonya Hussyn flirt with each other, but later in the second half, when she returns to Pakistan, it becomes clear she likes Feroz Khan (who loves her back).

Sonya Hussyn, Farhan Saeed, and Iman Aly are the stars of this new play. It is based on love triangles and the different attitudes of both men and women toward the same person.


The cast of the film Tich Button

  • Iman Ali
  • Farhan Saeed
  • Sonya Hussain
  • Feroz Khan
  • Marhoom Ahmad Bilal
  • Samiya Mumtaz
  • Humaira Ali
  • Marina Khan
  • Gul-e-Rana
  • Qavi Khan
  • Raheela Agha
  • Noor ul Hassan
  • Ali Sikander
  • Sohail Ahmed
  • Urwa Hocane

urwa hocain-tich button

The film “Tich Button” has been making waves since it was first announced. The actors involved, including Farhan Saeed (who plays Raja), Siddiq, and Feroz Khan, are all household names.

tich button release date

The film forged is presently selling its upcoming movie across the country. The much-expected film Tich Button is ready to release. It’s packed with action, romance, song, and dance-ready in opposition to stunning backgrounds.

Farhan Saeed is particularly praised for his stunning performance as the film’s lead character and the brilliant way he delivers his lines.


Why was the movie Tich button delayed?


The movie “Tich Button,” originally scheduled for release more than two years ago on the friendly Eid of 2020, has been postponed following the Covid-19 outbreak to a time when everything would return to normal. You’re going to like this one.

Maybe not as much as the latest theatrical release, but still pretty great. There’s a new trailer for Tich Button right now, so watch it and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

The trailer has just been released, revealing that the movie will finally be released on November 25th this year. The choice to delay “Tich Button” seems wise, especially given the success of “The Legend of Maula Jatt” at the box office.

tich button release date - urwa and ferhan

Promotion of film Tich button


The movie’s cast is currently promoting their upcoming film around the country. The much-anticipated movie Tich Button is about to release. It’s filled with action, romance, music, and dance, all set against beautiful backgrounds.

promotion tich button

some pics from set of Tich Button 

tich button


eman aly tich buton

soniya hussain tich button cast

tich button cast


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