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Ufone is without a doubt, one of the most innovative telecommunication companies in Pakistan. It was established in 2001 as a rebranded version of PTCL, which was Pakistan’s largest state-owned telecommunications company at that time. Today, Ufone has over one million subscribers and is one of the top cellular phone operators in Pakistan. By the new arrivals of Ufone call packages, the popularity of Ufone service has added blue moons


With its aim to deliver the best quality service to its customers, Ufone assures them a great network quality and reliability. The company has been striving hard to keep up with the pace set by other telecom companies in Pakistan so that it can continue offering its customers the same superior level of services.


Ufone 4G LTE services


With 4G LTE network across major cities, Ufone offers a very reliable and responsive experience to its customers. Ufone is the market leader in Pakistan, with the most expansive network and strong customer centricity.

Owing to high-quality services and innovative digital solutions, it has successfully built a subscriber base of over 24 million since 2005, who are served by an extensive portfolio of voice, data and SMS products as well as multiple applications.

Ufone has 4G LTE access in major metros, fiber-optic backhaul and efficient international roaming arrangements which allow it to cater to both fixed and mobile broadband needs of its customers.

In Ufone, we create opportunity for millions of people in Pakistan by offering them affordable and high-quality communication services. Our service allows you to connect with family and friends across the country, which makes it easier to stay updated on current events and plan for life’s events and special occasions.

Ufone call packages range


When it comes to buying a cell phone plan, customers need to ensure they’re getting the best deal on the affordable prepaid and postpaid plan they want.

Ufone has been around for twenty years with the latest technology and latest plans. This phone start-up is a dream maker as it offers several services to its millions of customers across the world under various packages. Ufone has proven itself as a strong competitor in the telecommunication industry with its excellent packages and easy-to-understand design.

They’re the people who make your phone dreams come true. Now it’s your time to shine.

The company operates through mobile voice services such as Ufone Call Package and Post office.

Other items offered by the company include prepaid calling card, international calling plan, and data packages. Its Song UCAP service allows its customers to send unlimited text messages over their smartphones.

Ufone call packages variety


Daily Postpaid
Weekly Prepaid
monthly 3 days


Ufone daily call packages


Ufone has some packages for one day which are used entirely a day. There are so many packages available with Ufone, if you use all these packages, you will get good extra benefits.

But if we talk about the Ufone call packages on daily basis then these are very popular and provides 100% freshness with every ring tone. These offer works for one day whereas there is also special offer named as 24 ghantaay package’ it is valid for 24 hours period and it doesn’t expire within that duration.

In Ufone call packages daily, Ufone offering 24 ghantaay package that include 86400 on net min, through which you can talk to your loved ones unlimited. This offers valid up 24 hours and you must re subscribe to this offer again after a day if you wish to regain the offered mins. The subscription mechanics is hell simple; you just must dial *5700# and booooom you have now 86400 mins to utilize for a day

Another exclusive offer by Ufone call packages daily range  is, Beyhisaab offer. In this offer you will get unlimited u to u mins. Yes, you read right!!  It is offering you a bundle full of joy and unlimited talks.

This offers valid up to 24 hours. And you just need to dial *5700# and the offer and your day of happiness would start.

Another best offer is daily Pakistan offer. upon offers you a bundle of 100 on net mins and 10 MBs additional. This offers legit for 24 hours. You just dial *888# and subscribe the unlimited fanfare


Package name price Offer mechanics
24 Ghantaay Package


Rs. 9 86400 minutes on net mins Dial *5700#

Beyhisaab Offer


 Rs. 14.5 Unlimited minutes Dial *5700#

Daily Pakistan Offer


Rs. 18 100 minutes

10 MBs

Dial *888#


Ufone weekly call packages


Ufone offers amazing bundles in weekly call packages. In weekly Ufone call packages Pakistan offer, Ufone offer you 700 on net min and 100 MBs. You just must dial *8888# to subscribe this offer. This offer is valid up to 7 days.

In offer Asli chappar phar offer, the Ufone offering 100 on net min 1000 MBs and 100 SMS. This offer limits for a week. you just have to dial *5050# to get this superb offer

Are you looking for an off net mins offer?

Then super minutes package is for you!!!! This offer will consume only Rs 130 and valid up to 7 days. The subscription is very easy you just must dial *210#








Package name price Offer mechanics

Weekly Pakistan Offer


Rs. 100, 700 minutes

100 MBs

Dial *8888#

Asli Chappar Phar Offer


Rs. 120 100 minutes

1000 MBs

100 SMS

Dial *5050#

Super Minutes Package


Rs. 130 100 minutes offnet Dial *210#


Ufone monthly call packages


If you’re looking to make international or local calls, Ufone offers a variety of monthly call packages that can be recharged either by card or via direct dial. Ufone By sim debit and postpaid plan are some of the best deals for users who wish to make calls across countries.

Ufone call packages  monthly Pakistan offer gives you an amazing discount by dialing *8888# and you get 4000 on net minutes and 400 MBs. This offer is valid up to 300 days

Another amazing offer by Ufone is Ufone super card max; by recharging only 800 you will get unlimited on ne min, 500 off net mins, unlimited SMS and 7000 MBs. This offers valid for a month.

Ufone offering its customer a huge bumper offer. That offer includes unlimited on net mins, 500 off net mins and 20000 MBs.


Package name price offer mechanics
Ufone monthly Pakistan offer Rs 430 4000 on net min

400 MBs

Ufone super card plus Rs 649 2000 on net

225 off net

4200 SMS


Ufone super card max Rs 749 Unlimited on net mins

500 off net

Unlimited SMS

7000 MBs

Ufone super card Rs 999 Unlimited on net mins

500 off net mins

Unlimited SMS

20000 MBs



Codes to remember


packages Codes
Ufone daily call packages Dial *343#
Ufone weekly call packages Dial *8888#
Ufone monthly call packages Dial *5000#

  Other codes

  • How to Check Remaining SMS Dial *336*2*4#
  • To Check Remaining Ufone Minutes Dial *707#
  • To Check Ufone Balance Dial *124#
  • For Ufone Advance Balance Ufone Dial *456#
  • Use Free Facebook Ufone Code: Dial *3434#
  • To Check Ufone Remaining MBs Dial *706#
  • Mobile Internet Settings Ufone: Send your mobile model to 222
  • Check New SIM Lagao Offer: Send “Sim” to 5000
  • Check SIM number Ufone Code: Dial *707#
  • Balance Share Ufone Code: Dial *828*0333xxxxxxx*amount#


Term and condition of Ufone call packages prepaid

  • One subscription can earn a limit of 100 minutes.
  • The deal is available from the time of subscription until 11:59 p.m. the same night, or until the free minutes have been used up.
  • At 12:00 a.m., the bid will be automatically renewed (PST)
  • This offer does not cover calls to voice buckets, short codes, or NTC numbers.
  • Just use SIMs provided via Biometric Verification – PTA because your SIM is your identity.

Ufone call packages postpaid


Ufone is a leading telecommunications provider in Pakistan. Ufone offers 4G internet, call, and SMS services to their customers at affordable rates. The company has played an important role in building the telecommunication infrastructure of Pakistan and revolutionizing the way people communicate over the phone. Today, we take a closer look at what sets Ufone apart from rest of the competitors.

Ufone is a reliable mobile network provider with a large number of customers and satisfied users. If you’re looking for a cheap plan for your mobile, Ufone is the best choice.

Ufone also offers prepaid Ufone call packages services. Ufone’s postpaid call bundles have reasonable rates. It’s all about us, says their slogan.


Package name price offer mechanics
Prime 400


Rs. 400 400 minutes on all network

2000 SMS 2000 MBs


By Ufone super card
Prime 600


Rs. 600 600 minutes all network

4000 SMS

4000 MBs

By Ufone super card


Prime 1000


Rs 1000 1000 minutes

8000 MBs

By Ufone super card


Prime 1800


Rs. 1800 1800 minutes all network 20000 MBs By Ufone super card



Terms and condition of Ufone call packages postpaid

  • The New Sales/MNP/ Prepaid conversions/package shift valid offer does not apply here. Line rent promo discount does not apply.
  • Include U2U and PTCL minutes on-net minutes.
  • 7000 SMS FUP is applicable
  • All fees referred to are tax-free.
  • Regional tax details on https://www.ufone.com/tax-2/ are available
  • Call charging @ Rs. 1.80, SMS @ Rs. 1.00 and internet @ Rs. 3.00/MB will take place when free resources are consumed
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use biometric control – PTA-emitted SIMs.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all Post-pay products are self-recursive.


Ufone is Pakistan’s top network operator supported by an advanced network that offers superior coverage and exceptional value for money.  Ufone is the first to offer affordable Ufone call packages in 4G LTE and 3G services. We have also launched Ufone app, which allows purchasing of recharge on the go.

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Frequently asked questions:

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is the Ufone call package?” answer-0=”Ufone offers package plans every day, weekly and monthly. All package schedules are described in detail above.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How can I get Ufone monthly package?” answer-1=”Just dial the *7807# or go to Ufone’s mobile app to activate this exciting internet package after recharging the balance. For just one month in just 60 Rs, Social Monthly provides customers with 1 GB of data for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”How can I change my Ufone package?” answer-2=”To modify your package, call 444 and follow the directions. Connect *444# to the package number you want and answer.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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