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,Ufone internet packages



Ufone, a Pakistani telecom brand, has been providing its customers with the best possible internet services since over 15 years ago. The company is currently working hard to provide 4G network in its circle. With this 4G network launch, the company has introduced new ufone internet packages for its customers.

Ufone has always been providing their customers with the best internet services and bundles. The company has introduced several internet packages for its huge customer base. Therefore, in this blog we are going to discuss one by one all the internet packs offered by Ufone which you can use to avail the best price ratios while purchasing data pack every month.

details of offer

Ufone internet packages offering a great deal called daily chat that include 500 MBs for WhatsApp and 10000 SMS. You just must dial simply *3465# this offer is valid up to 1 day.

Another amazing offer is Ufone social daily. This offer grants you a benefit of 100 MB for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter. This can be yours only in Rs 6. To subscribe this offer is *4422#

Daily WhatsApp YouTube & Social is the best offer for sisal people who love to surf Facebook. This offer includes 1GB Data (WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook). You just have to dial *968#


Different packages by ufone


In Ufone internet packages in weekly, there comes variety of offers. Sab se bari offer is one of them. This offer includes 40 GB Internet. And you just have to subscribe the offer by dialing *7777#

By subscribing to Ufone Super Internet WhatsApp Package you have chance to get 1.5 GB Internet in just Rs 150. By dialing *220# you can get this offer

Another amazing and affordable weekly Ufone WhatsApp package is Ufone Weekly Internet Plus Package. By joining tis offer you have an amazing chance to get 10 GB (5 GB from 1 AM to 9 AM) in just Rs. 199. By dialing *260# you can subscribe to this offer

An affordable and exclusive offer is 3-day bucket. This bucket offers you 500MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, and Twitter, 100MB for Browsing the Internet by just dialing *3350# in just Rs 30


Daily Ufone internet packages


In Ufone daily WhatsApp offer, Ufone offering 100 MBs in just Rs 1.2. the subscription to this offer is very simple as you have to dial *987#. Another offer by Ufone internet packages Is called Ufone social daily package.

This offer is amazing and very affordable as you just need Rs 6 to get this offer. You just have to dial *3465# and you will get 500 MBs. Ufone best morning offer, gives you 2000 MBs in just Rs 6. all you have to dial *4200#. Another exclusive offer is Ufone special daily 3G offer that will give you 50 MBs by dialing *3461# in just Rs 7.

If you are love streaming, then this offer is for you. Ufone comes with an exclusive offer Ufone streaming offer 1 hour this offer includes in Rs 10. It includes 500 MBs by dialing *78#.

Another offer by Ufone internet packages is best day offer. In this offer you will get 500 MBs 500 on net min in just Rs 11.9 by dialing *6060#.

In Ufone daily off peak plus comes with great deal of 1500 MBs by dialing *10# in just Rs 12.





Package name price offer Mechanics
Ufone daily WhatsApp offer Rs. 1.2 100 MBs Dial *987#
Ufone social daily package Rs 6 500 MBs Dial *3465# 
Ufone best morning offer Rs 6 2000 MBs  Dial *4200#
Ufone special daily 3G offer Rs 7 50 MBs  Dial *3461#
Ufone streaming offer 1 hour Rs 10 500 MBs   Dial *78# 
Ufone best day offer Rs 11.9 500 MBs

500 on net min

dial *6060#
Ufone daily off-peak plus Rs 12 1500 MBs Dial *10#


Weekly Ufone internet packages


Ufone offering its Ufone nayi sim offer totally free of cost. You just need to subscribe this offer b dialing *1000#. This offer includes 4000 MBs 1000 on net mins.

If you are a TikTok or snack video lover than these two offers for you. You can get a rockstar Ufone TikTok offer and Ufone snack video offer in just Rs 60 by dialing *2345# this offer gives you 1500 mb and 2500 MBs respectively.

Another amazing offer named Ufone internet max offer that includes 25000 MBs by dialing *2570# in just Rs 80

The amazing offer by Ufone weekly Pakistan offer in just Rs 100. This offer includes 100 MBs and 700 on net mins. You just have to dial *8888#

If you love to stream on YouTube and you are a youtuber too than this amazing offer is for you. The dhamaky dar Ufone YouTube offer giving you the world best coverage. This bundle includes 5000 MBs in just Rs 110. You can subscribe o this offer by dialing *5050#



Package name price offer mechanics
Ufone nayi sim offer Rs 0 4000 MBs 1000 on net min Dial *1000#


Ufone TikTok offer


Rs 60 1500 MBs Dial *2345#
Ufone snack video offer Rs 60 2500 MBs  Dial *265#
Ufone internet max offer Rs 80 25000 MBs  Dial *2570#
Ufone weekly Pakistan offer Rs 100 100 MBs

700 on net mins

Dial *8888#
Ufone YouTube offer Rs 110 5000 MBs  Dial *5883#
Ufone Asli chappar phar offer Rs 120 1000 MBs

100 on net

100 SMS



Monthly Ufone internet packages


Ufone sim Lagao offer gives 6000 MBs, 6000 on net and 6000 SMS. You can get this amazing offer free of cost. You just have to dial *5000#

Another offer by Ufone internet packages is Ufone monthly WhatsApp offer. This offer gives you 6000 MBs in just reasonable price you just have to dial *987#

Ufone monthly social offer is for the people whole love to scroll Facebook and twitter. This offers gives you 1000 MBs in just Rs 65 by dialing *5858#

Are you looking for a wide rag of MBs in minimum price? Then you must subscribe to Ufone monthly Facebook offer. That gives you access to 6000 MBs in just Rs 100. The subscription code is *987#

Have you ever listened that you get cashback on subscribing any savage? Well let me clear you confusion.!! Ufone internet packages give you a brilliant offer of cashback. You can get cashback by subscribing to the Ufone cashback monthly lite. You will get 1000 MBs and cashback in just Rs 250 by dialing *3#

Ufone monthly light are for those who cannot handle the light speed of internet. You can get amazing coverage of 1000 MBs all over internet in just Rs 390. All you must do is just dialing *7807#

Finally, the super dupper offer by Ufone internet packages is Ufone monthly Pakistan offer. This offer gives you 400 MBs and 4000 on net min in Rs 430. You just have to dial *8888#


Package name price offer mechanics
Ufone sim Lagao offer Rs 0 6,000 MBs

6000 on net

6,000 SMS

Dial *5000#
Ufone monthly WhatsApp offer Rs 50 6000 MBs Dial *987#
Ufone monthly social offer Rs 65 1000 MBs Dial *5858#
Ufone monthly Facebook offer Rs 100 6,000 MBs Dial *987#


Ufone monthly lite cashback offer Rs 250 1000 MBs Dial *3# 
Ufone monthly light


Rs 390 1000 MBs Dial *7807#
Ufone monthly Pakistan offer Rs 430 400 MBs

4000 min on net

 Dial *8888#


Ufone sim Lagao offer


Buy a new Ufone SIM or switch to Ufone network, Enjoy Free WhatsApp, Internet and social media with Ufone Nayi SIM Offer!
Dial *1000# and choose the offer of your choice and enjoy freebies.


Nayi sim offer  1.Nayi sim offer Rs 80 2. Nayi sim offer Rs 100 3. Nayi sim offer Rs 250
– 4 GB (1 GB Facebook +1 GB WhatsApp)
– 1000 On-net minutes
– 7 Days Validity 
– 2 GB (1 GB Facebook/WhatsApp)
– 20 Off-net minutes
– 500 On-net minutes
– 500 SMS
– 7 Days Validity 
– 5 GB (2.5 GB Facebook/WhatsApp)
– 30 Off-net minutes
– 1000 On-net minutes
– 1000 SMS
– 7 Days Validity 
– 8 GB (4 GB Facebook/WhatsApp)
– 50 Off-net minutes
– 2500 On-net minutes
– 2500 SMS
– 15 Days Validity 


Ufone internet packages postpaid


Ufone is a leading telecommunications provider in Pakistan. it offers 4G internet, call, and SMS services to their customers at affordable rates. The company has played an important role in building the telecommunication infrastructure of Pakistan and revolutionizing the way people communicate over the phone. Today, we take a closer look at what sets Ufone apart from rest of the competitors.

Ufone is a reliable mobile network provider with a large number of customers and satisfied users. If you’re looking for a cheap plan for your mobile, Ufone internet packages is the best choice.

Ufone also offers prepaid Ufone internet packages services. Ufone’s postpaid call bundles have reasonable rates. It’s all about us, says their slogan.


Package name price offer mechanics
Prime 400


Rs. 400 400 minutes on all network

2000 SMS 2000 MBs


By Ufone super card
Prime 600


Rs. 600 600 minutes all network

4000 SMS

4000 MBs

By Ufone super card


Prime 1000


Rs 1000 1000 minutes

8000 MBs

By Ufone super card


Prime 1800


Rs. 1800 1800 minutes all network 20000 MBs By Ufone super card



Terms and condition 


  • The New Sales/MNP/ Prepaid conversions/package shift valid offer does not apply here. Line rent promo discount does not apply.
  • Include U2U and PTCL minutes on-net minutes.
  • 7000 SMS FUP is applicable
  • All fees referred to are tax-free.
  • Regional tax details on https://www.ufone.com/tax-2/ are available
  • Call charging @ Rs. 1.80, SMS @ Rs. 1.00 and internet @ Rs. 3.00/MB will take place when free resources are consumed
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use biometric control – PTA-emitted SIMs.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all Post-pay products are self-recursive.


Ufone is a well-established telecommunication company in Pakistan and has many competitors. But it doesn’t affect the popularity of this telecom company or its services at all. The popularity and status of Ufone are charming as ever and are not affected by the existence of other modem companies. The Ufone call packages are among the best packages of all networks.

We hope you found the article informative and are now better informed. If you need any further information or have any query, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also contact Ufone through Facebook page.

codes to remember 

  • How to Check Remaining SMS Dial *336*2*4#
  • To Check Remaining Ufone Minutes Dial *707#
  • To Check Ufone Balance Dial *124#
  • For Ufone Advance Balance Ufone Dial *456#
  • Use Free Facebook Ufone Code: Dial *3434#
  • To Check Ufone Remaining MBs Dial *706#
  • Mobile Internet Settings Ufone: Send your mobile model to 222
  • Check New SIM Lagao Offer: Send “Sim” to 5000

Frequently asked questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is the best internet package of Ufone?” answer-0=”Daily Heavy Rs.18 *2258#” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What is Ufone Super Sasta package?” answer-1=”Low rate of Rs. 1.65 incl. tax / 30 Sec 24 hours a day, without any daily charges. Ufone and PTCL.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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