Pop’s Coaching Carousel: A History of Opposing Pistons Head Coaches


Gregg Popovich, the legendary Spurs coach, boasts an incredible career spanning 28 years. Tonight, he faces the Detroit Pistons, adding another chapter to his vast collection of rival coaches. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the various Pistons head coaches Pop has encountered during his reign.

From Doug Collins to Monty Williams:

  • Early Years (1995-2001): Doug Collins, Alvin Gentry, and George Irvine saw mixed results, highlighting the Pistons’ search for stability.
  • Rick Carlisle Era (2001-2003): Back-to-back 50-win seasons and a Coach of the Year award marked Carlisle’s success before he moved on.
  • Larry Brown’s Dynasty (2003-2005): Pop’s mentor led the Pistons to two Finals appearances, including a championship victory over the Lakers in 2004. Their final showdown in the 2005 Finals went the Spurs’ way, but not without a fight.
  • Coaching Carousel (2005-2014): Flip Saunders provided the longest stretch of consistency, followed by Michael Curry and a revolving door of short-term coaches.
  • Stan Van Gundy’s Resurgence (2014-2018): One winning season and a playoff appearance brought a glimmer of hope before Van Gundy’s departure.
  • Dwane Casey’s Tenure (2018-2023): The 2018 Coach of the Year spent five seasons rebuilding the Pistons, with a single playoff berth during his time.
  • Present Day: Monty Williams (2023-Present): A former Spurs player and intern, Williams takes the helm of a struggling Pistons team tonight.

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