Big Hurt Not Dead Yet: Frank Thomas Blasts Fox News For Fake News Obituary


Chicago, Illinois (Trending SEO Keywords: Frank Thomas, Baseball Hall of Famer, Fox News, In Memoriam, Mistaken Identity): Baseball legend Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas is alive and well, despite being mistakenly announced as deceased by Fox News during their “In Memoriam” segment for 2023. The mix-up left Thomas understandably frustrated, prompting him to call out the network for their “irresponsible” error.

A Mix-Up With Major Mistakes:

Instead of honoring the late Frank Thomas, a three-time All-Star who passed away in January, Fox News accidentally used footage of the Hall of Fame slugger from his playing days. This blunder not only spread misinformation but also caused unnecessary distress to Thomas and his fans.

Taking to Social Media:

The Big Hurt wasted no time in correcting the record, taking to Twitter to express his disbelief and disappointment. “Ladies and Gentlemen I’m very sorry my ex employer Fox would be this irresponsible on National TV this morning,” he wrote. “Yes I’m alive and doing well. This blows my mind also.”

Fox News Issues Apology:

Following Thomas’ public outcry and online attention, Fox News finally acknowledged the mistake on air. Host Julie Banderas issued a correction, admitting they “misidentified” the late Frank Thomas and clarifying that the athlete shown was the very much alive “Big Hurt.”

Lessons Learned (Hopefully):

This incident highlights the importance of accuracy and fact-checking in media, especially when dealing with sensitive information like obituaries. While human error is inevitable, such a significant misstep on a national platform demands reflection and improvement from Fox News.

Beyond the Blunder:

The story serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy of Frank Thomas, whose name remains synonymous with baseball greatness. It also sheds light on the power of social media in holding media outlets accountable and ensuring accurate information reaches the public.

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