Warriors Weigh Wiggins Trade: Is Golden State’s All-Star Outta Gas?


Golden State in Transition: The Golden State Warriors, NBA champions just two years ago, find themselves considering a possible trade of former All-Star Andrew Wiggins. While this was once unthinkable, recent struggles and the emergence of Jonathan Kuminga have opened the door to this surprising development.

Wiggins’ Decline: After his stellar 2021-22 season, Wiggins’ performance has fallen off significantly. Missing significant time last year and underwhelming this season, his numbers are the worst of his career. His hefty contract, once a bargain, now seems burdensome for a potential bench player.

Kuminga’s Rise: Enter Jonathan Kuminga, playing the best basketball of his young career. He shares a similar skillset and physical profile as Wiggins, but the two haven’t meshed on the court. This forces the Warriors to choose: invest in Kuminga’s cheaper potential or stick with the underperforming Wiggins?

Standings and Deadline: The Warriors’ current 11th-place position in the West adds another layer of complexity. While close enough to catch the top six, their record needs to show improvement before the February 8th trade deadline. GM Mike Dunleavy’s recent comments emphasized the need for evaluation, hinting at potential roster changes if wins don’t follow.

Wiggins’ Future Unclear: Whether Wiggins remains a starter, becomes a bench player, or gets traded altogether remains to be seen. The next 15-20 games will be crucial in determining the Warriors’ direction and Wiggins’ fate.

This evolving situation raises questions:

  • Can Wiggins regain his All-Star form?
  • Is Kuminga ready to take over a bigger role?
  • Will the Warriors find a trade partner for Wiggins?
  • Will Golden State’s record force their hand before the deadline?

Stay tuned as the Warriors navigate this intriguing crossroads. Their decisions could significantly impact their championship aspirations and shape the NBA landscape for years to come.

Share your thoughts:

  • Do you think the Warriors should trade Wiggins?
  • Who should they target in a potential trade?
  • What does Kuminga’s emergence mean for the future of the team?

Join the conversation and let’s analyze this critical juncture for the Golden State Warriors!

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